10 Best Networking Groups for Small Business Owners: Connect and Grow Your Business

As a small business owner, you know how to do things on your own. But sometimes a little help from friends can go a long way. That's where your small business network comes into play. Here is a list of 10 networking groups that can help you grow your business and make valuable connections.

Your Local Chamber of Commerce is an excellent place to start. It's a network of local businesses in a particular market or within a particular industry. Joining a local, regional or national trade association not only helps your company to establish contacts with others in the same industry or trade, but it also allows you to develop functional knowledge and learn from each other.


is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs looking for mentors and advice.

SCORE has a wide network of free volunteer mentors and offers workshops, webinars and information on how to start a business. The organization has the support of the United States. UU.

Business Networking International (BNI)

is a global networking organization with more than 10,000 chapters around the world that focus on reference businesses. If you're looking for references, BNI is undoubtedly your go-to resource.

There's no need to pay for expensive business consulting sessions if you have a strong network of like-minded professionals who are ready to help.

The Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)

is a group of peer-to-peer networks for entrepreneurs. EO was founded in 1987 and currently has more than 17,000 members in more than 60 countries. The group offers relationships with mentors, online networks, and local meeting opportunities. The contents remained intact for nearly 30 years.


focuses on supporting women in business with an exclusive member network and is dedicated to women executive leaders.

This organization provides a list of vetted professional colleagues, whether they own a Fortune 50 company or a growing startup. Chief offers peer support in the form of community groups and member meetings, masterclasses and exclusive access to the ideas of business leaders and cultural icons.

StartUp Nation

is an excellent website that offers a wealth of great educational resources for entrepreneurs, as well as networking opportunities. Take some time to review their community business forums to find answers to some of your most pressing questions.


might be useful if you're looking to raise money for your startup. This is an online community that will allow you to connect with more than 20,000 CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs who love to talk about fundraising and strategies for growing a startup.


uses a matchmaking algorithm to connect business professionals who want to collaborate on projects together or who simply want to grow their network.

Black Entrepreneur International Masterminds

organizes masterminds meetings for entrepreneurs on Zoom every week.

They also have dynamic guest speakers, share advice on new technologies, and provide opportunities to discuss business books.


organizes Zoom-based meetings for business owners to connect as they would in person, but online. Every month, they have a group conversation where you can just listen and learn, or you can participate and share your ideas.

Networking for Professionals

was founded in 2002 by professionals who wanted to merge in-person and online networking with face-to-face meetings.

Rotary Club International is a global network of 1.2 million business professionals, community leaders and service-oriented individuals. Work with business owners who are specifically interested in giving back to their local community. The Rotary Club is known for community service and development and has a hyper-focused approach to community service and development.

The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)

, which makes it more affordable and accessible for small businesses, is known for its free tutoring services.

Focusing on the economic prosperity of all American business enterprises, the MBDA offers programs, services and initiatives designed to help minority entrepreneurs grow and prepare them for the business world of tomorrow.


makes capital available to companies through commercial loans and lines of credit granted by First Electronic Bank, an authorized industrial bank in Utah, a member of the FDIC, in addition to bill compensation advances, commercial loans and lines of credit issued directly by Fundbox. These networking groups can help you make valuable connections that will help you grow your small business. Whether it's finding mentors or raising money for your startup, these groups can provide the support you need as an entrepreneur.

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